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Nicholai Pfeiffer

The Privacy Organisation of Tomorrow

1.      Intro The aim of this post is to discuss if and how the concept of agile can help privacy functions increase organisational buy-in, while freeing up time to do more impactful work and at the same time strengthen the ability to demonstrate accountability. 2.     Agile + privacy work = strengthened accountability? To stay competitive and innovative, many executives have recently turned their attention to agile. The high degree of delegation, more independence and less bureaucracy are some of the advantages that executives are striving to attain. All lead to faster development cycles and shorter time to market. With its

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ePrivacy and cookies // Cookie flow between users end device and server // White Label Consultancy
Magdalena Goralczyk

Cookie series part 1: Basics

When starting with our own webpage we have been struggling with a question: how should we do so in a compliant manner while at the same time being a small company that wants to be: Privacy-friendly User-friendly (and yes that might be a paradox with the one above) Compliant Aware of what users want from its webpage That by itself have proven a challenge. We were not and are not interested in advertising cookies (even if I personally can imagine advertising a leather-bound edition of GDPR), but we would like to integrate with basic plug-ins used (LinkedIn, Google Maps, Google

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Welcome to WLC Blog

Notwithstanding the excellent quality of much of the data privacy content available, the availability of information in relation to the practical implementation of data privacy requirements and best practices is limited, and the practical struggles that an organisation faces have received little attention.

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