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White Label

Startup Privacy Package

At White Label Consultancy we boil data protection down to the essentials and allow you to get them right early. Grow them as you grow with our Startup Privacy Package.

Data protection is not core to your business and you have other things to take care of. Yet it is a task that does not go away and the faster it is handled the easier it is. 

Startup Privacy Package // White Label Consultancy

Privacy in Your Product

Whenever your project at its very core aims at collecting and processing personal data see if you can do so in a responsible and scalable way. As you grow and get in the public eye will you be able to collect personal data critical to your success? Can your product legally get access to data that is necessary for its existence? Is the way you set up the various flows of data from individuals to you and third parties going to stand the test?

Data Protection and Privacy // White Label Consultancy

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