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Privacy Readiness Programme

Thoroughly understand your Data protection and privacy stature and prepare your organisation.

Setting up a privacy readiness program requires detailed knowledge of the issues that corporations will be experiencing when confronted with increasing regulatory scrutiny. It also requires a deep understanding of the risks that the readiness program seeks to remediate. And lastly, it requires expert knowledge of the best-suited tools for specific challenges that an enterprise may encounter as part of their readiness program.



Privacy Programme // White Label Consultancy

Our holistic approach

to ensure that all relevant areas are considered and prioritized according to your business needs. We will do so prior to initiating any activities that may require irreversible investments.

Our step-by-step Privacy Readiness Program:

  1. Initial fact-finding
  2. Assessment phase (governance & processes, People & Culture, Systems)
  3. Defining of privacy target and ambition level
  4. Identification of gap-closing activities
  5. Establishing risk-repository
  6. Prioritisation and roadmap
  7. Implementation

Our analysis will cover all required privacy domains, including:

  1. Management, organisation and governance
  2. Notice and transparency
  3. Choice, consent and permission management
  4. Collection of personal data
  5. Use, retention and disposal
  6. Data subject rights including access to data
  7. Disclosure to third parties, including contracts and third-party risk management
  8. Security for privacy
  9. Privacy principles, incl. accuracy/quality, minimisation and accountability
  10. Monitoring and enforcement

We will also strategically support your privacy organisation by facilitating the dialogue with senior management to ensure organizational buy-in to any new initiatives.

Data Protection and Privacy // White Label Consultancy

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