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Privacy basics: the long arm of the GDPR

We continue the series ‘Privacy basics’ with bite-sized articles on the core concepts of privacy and data protection. The purpose of this blog series is to make privacy as simple as possible by explaining some of the most important core concepts. With each new blog article, we introduce privacy elements with pragmatic examples that will help you better understand how

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Privacy basics: The relationship between controllers

This is the first post of the new series “Privacy basics”. As a privacy and data protection consultancy, we know the challenges of this field can be highly complex, but the first step to efficiently tackle them is to understand the core concepts.  The purpose of this blog series is to explain in a simple and engaging manner the most important privacy concepts. Stay tuned: we will continue to publish more bite size articles in due course.    “Am I a controller?”   How many times do we hear this question? As mentioned by our Partner

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Data Protection Compliance Risk

The Rise of Data Protection Compliance as a Risk – What Executives in the Middle East Need to Know

Introduction The risk of data protection compliance is on the rise in the Middle East. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) celebrated a 3rd birthday last week. Over the past year we have witnessed the global introduction of new or updated “GDPR-inspired” data protection regulations. Slightly different approaches by supervisory authorities inside the EU may be causing some challenges,

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DPO White Paper

White Label The Role of the Data Protection Officer In this white paper we explain the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to executive-level decisionmakers and legal and compliance stakeholders who may not be particularly familiar with privacy as a subject, but who are increasingly confronted with questions about privacy, and tasked with ensuring compliance with new or evolving

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Data Transfers
UAE Banks

A New Data Protection Regime for UAE Banks

Introduction The data protection landscape has been evolving quickly across the Middle East and Africa to keep abreast of global developments and international standards. Perhaps surprisingly for a country with a genuine history of digital innovation and ambition in relation to becoming a truly data driven society, the UAE lags behind many of its neighbours and global “knowledge economy” competitors

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Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2021

Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2021 with Kromann Reumert and WLC 6 October 2021 The Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2021 counts on speakers from public authorities and leading enterprises seeking to engage all stakeholders in discussing the challenges ahead. Industry driven discussions on the developments in data protection 3 years+ after GDPR became applicable. Reach out! Agenda Based on our experiences

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Learning from the EU lawmakers – is GDPR a show-stopper or an enabler?

In November 2020, the European Commission (“EC”) put forward a proposal for a regulation on data governance (“Act” or “Proposal”). As part of the process, EC asked the EDPB (European Data Protection Body) and the EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor) for their comments to the Proposal. On 9 March, the EU data protection bodies reverted with their comments.  The draft Proposal and the

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Programme Planning
Privacy Programme

The key components of a privacy programme

How should we staff our privacy function? A question that regularly comes up when we are working with clients is, “how should we staff our privacy function?” It is normally the CFO that asks the question from the financial perspective, and often the CEO will ask “What do our competitors do?” The answer is not as simple as one would

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AI and Machine Learning in the DPIA
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the GDPR: incompatible realities?

Introduction This article explores one of the ongoing criticisms made of the GDPR and seeks to explain why one specific emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence (AI) – is causing so much fuss in the field of data protection. Is regulatory reform the only answer to the never-ending technological progress?  When the father begins to doubt his own son  Axel Voss, one of the fathers of the GDPR, believes the GDPR is already out of date and needs to be revised. Voss suggested to the Financial Times the GDPR

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