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Comparative Analysis: Regulatory Approaches to AI in Different Jurisdictions


At White Label Consultancy, we acknowledge and embrace the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the numerous challenges it brings across diverse sectors. 

That is why we are proud to collaborate on AI4Gov, an EU-funded initiative focused on leveraging AI for evidence-based innovations while tackling pressing ethical issues like discrimination and biases in democratic societies. 

In our efforts to raise awareness on this topic, we launched a blog series focusing on the regulatory and ethical dimensions of AI. Part one of our analysis delved into the evolution of AI regulation within the EU and its alignment with fundamental rights (available here).  

Now it’s time to broaden our perspective. This second part moves away from the EU framework to explore how AI is regulated globally. We will examine how AI is regulated in the United States, UAE, and China, exploring how they balance technological progress with legal obligations. What sets these approaches apart? And what factors drive these differences?

Read more about it here: AI4Gov Session 2 Comparative Analysis- Regulatory Approaches to AI in Different Jurisdictions

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