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White Label

White Label Privacy Support

White Label Consultancy offers different tiers of data protection support to address different needs that organisations may have.

Our people have international Privacy qualifications and years of operational experience, and can hit the ground running from day one. Our external privacy support allows your DPO to focus on the most critical and strategic priorities.  

External Privacy Support // White Label Consultancy

We can provide extra support to your Privacy and Data Protection Office

  • Cross-industry knowledge of data protection, as our data protection experts have experience in different sectors including telco, pharma, banking, ad-tech, IT
    services and more,
  • Cross-discipline backgrounds, since our data protection experts work together with data scientists, engineers, system architects and security professionals. We truly believe that understanding how technology works and what technology can achieve is key to a sound data protection advice.
Data Protection and Privacy // White Label Consultancy

Schedule a conversation with us or drop us a mail to see how we can help in shaping your strategic privacy and data protection position!