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Leadership and Culture in Data Governance and Data Protection

Introduction We are undergoing a technological revolution that is unlike anything we have experienced before. The speed of the disruption to almost every industry is not easy to anticipate yet we see evidence of the impact everywhere. It is changing the way we live and work – and Covid-19 is likely to accelerate this digitization. Digital transformation, and with it

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Isometric Illustration Webinar Privacy WLC

Danish DPO Seminar

Persondata Webinar 2020 Arrangeret af DPO-foreningen og WLC Onsdag d. 20. maj 2020 kl. 09:00 til 10:30 Dette webinar har til formål at sætte fokus på nogle af de konkrete udfordringer som DPO´er i Danske virksomheder, myndigheder og institutioner står overfor i deres daglige arbejde. Webinar´et vil indledningsvist redegøre for konklusionerne af den trivselsundersøgelse som DPO-foreningen gennemførte i løbet af marts og

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AI and Machine Learning in the DPIA

Artificial Intelligence in the (D)PIA

Background AI is a hot topic, not least among the Data Protection Authorities, who have recently been very active developing guidance papers aimed at helping organisations grasp and assess the complexities involved. Examples of such publications include the very recent and open for consultation ICO’s AI auditing framework, or 2018 report from Norwegian DPA on Artificial Intelligence and privacy. These documents look at implications for data

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Secondary use of data under the GDPR // Paulina Zagorska // White Label Consultancy
secondary purpose

Secondary use of data under GDPR

Introduction Since GDPR entered into force a lot has been said and written about the way organisations can collect and then process personal data they have. In my opinion though, not much attention has been devoted to re-using personal data that already are in companies’ databases. Under the GDPR any processing of personal data is possible subject to fulfilment of

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Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2020

Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2020 with Kromann Reumert and WLC Please note: Due to COVID-19 the Conference has been postponed. The new date for the conference is 6 October 2020 The Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2020 counts on speakers from public authorities and leading enterprises seeking to engage all stakeholders in discussing the challenges ahead. Industry driven discussions on the

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Welcome to WLC Blog

Notwithstanding the excellent quality of much of the data privacy content available, the availability of information in relation to the practical implementation of data privacy requirements and best practices is limited, and the practical struggles that an organisation faces have received little attention.

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