Our Privacy and Data Protection Services

Getting value out of data and manoeuvring within the legal and ethical boundaries can be challenging. White Label can assist you with solutions to difficult problems through our data protection and privacy services. 

Our assignments are widely diverse, and the final delivery will depend on our client’s needs. 

Strategic Privacy & Data Protection Advice

Privacy at C-suite level delivered to you by experienced executives.

White Label DPO

Hire an experienced Data Protection Officer or European Representative and demonstrate your privacy commitment.

White Label On Demand Privacy Support

Get immediate and flexible access to privacy professionals to help you when you need it.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Leave your DPIA to us. We have the methodology, knowledge and experience to take you through the process.

Data Protection Audits

Secure meaningful outcome of your audit by choosing an operationally experienced team.

Privacy and Data Protection Trainings

Provide your company with privacy education from some of the most highly regarded privacy experts.

Startup Privacy Package

Get a toolkit with pragmatic privacy essentials for your start-up.

White Label

Engagement Models

Hourly based

White Label can be hired based on an hourly fee. In that case we are happy to engage in finding a good match between your needs and type of work in which White Label can assist and set up a team best suited to help.

Project based

White Label offers both a full project based engagement model as well as a sprint based pricing model. This allows for initial shorter engagements to align on strategy and direction.

Retainer based

The advantage of working with White Label  on a retainer based model is the availability of extra hands to get things done right and fast. White Label can act as a safeguard while internal capacity and capabilities are built.


Data Breach Management & Training

Privacy Governance

Data Inventory

Legal & operational interpretation & guidance

Regulatory Advice

Third Party Risk Programs

Privacy Management Programs

Consent & Permission Management