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White Label

Our Cyber Security
Data Protection Consultants:

Your Strategic Partners

At White Label, we offer a comprehensive and practical approach to cyber security and data protection projects. Our objective is to understand your business and be the data protection experts you can rely on to enable use of data in support of organisational strategies.

Our value is anchored in:
Our strategic and operational know-how
Our deep understanding of technology
Our thorough expertise in law and regulation
Our proficiency in managing complex projects
Our passion for modern delivery processes

We know that every project is different and that priorities can change. That is why we emphasize flexibility and follow a sprint methodology for our work.

We can manage entire projects from our offices, integrate our cyber security and data protection experts onsite with your teams, or allow you to leverage our highly skilled consultant resources  when you require either additional capacity or expertise. We can provide support at any point during the project lifecycle, from strategy to delivery as well as  ongoing product management and maintenance of data processing activities.

How Our Consultants Approach and Deliver on Projects

White Label focuses on laying a solid foundation and ensuring close alignment on strategy and delivery expectations before allocating the required resources for rapid delivery. This approach ensures a clear understanding of goals and requirements, target platform, and an approach which rapidly delivers business value. This enables us to tailor the team, skillsets and implementation plans to meet the specific business objectives of our client.

Our Differentiators​

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Goal-oriented approach

Invested and driven consultants

Cyber and privacy consulting methodology

White Label

Fundamental Principles We Live By

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Industry Leading Experience

White Label takes pride in our unprecedented operational experience from a number of different sectors. We have extensive knowledge from hands-on implementation of large cyber security and data protection projects, as well as privacy management programs. We aim to convert this knowledge into straight-forward and flexible support that provides outputs that are easily maintained and not overly engineered.

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Holistic View of Quality

Simple, well-designed solutions are essential to how we operate. Excellence is built into every step, start to finish, with proven methods to ensure high quality output. We excel in many methodologies, but we believe in the spirit of agile. We prize efficiency and emphasize rapid, iterative delivery with continuous improvement.

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Continuous Delivery of Value

Our clients receive solutions that are manageable and provide value. Our operational experience allows us to focus on the elements that will deliver the most value for our client and provide the shortest route to solving the issue at hand.

Modern Architecture Zoomed In // Privacy and Data Protection // Strategic Advice // White Label Consultancy

Excellent Communicators

Effective communication is central to our approach. It is our mission to provide clear and consistent communication with ongoing commitment to full and continuing transparency.

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Trusted Partner Who Cares Deeply

We consider our client’s challenges our own. We don’t overcommit and we always deliver on our promises. Your success is our success. As we know what we are doing, we also know what it takes to deliver something to our client that creates value.