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Data Protection Impact Assessment

A Data Protection Impact Assessment goes beyond a rigid application of the legal requirements. It requires an interdisciplinary approach and experience.

Key element of Data Protection Impact Assessment is understanding the underlying technology. We bridge the gap between technology and law by having experts in both fields work side by side to assess your project.

Data Protection Impact Assessment // White Label Consultancy

By working with us and utilising our broad experience, you can have your DPIA done effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to make sure the outcomes we provide are constructive.

We understand that the nature of certain technologies leads to inherent conflicts of certain data protection principles (e.g. big data vs. data minimisation principle, or AI vs. transparency principle). In such situations, certain trade-offs may be acceptable, but they must be applied with extreme caution. Our knowledge of technology and deep experience in practicing data protection puts us in a good position to guide you through these challenges.   

Data Protection and Privacy // White Label Consultancy

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