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CISOaaS provides a structured approach to security leadership focusing on the board and top management in response to cyber security risks, compliance requirements, and market expectations.

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) role first appeared in large organizations during the mid-90s. From the initial years as a supporting role to the CIO or CTO focusing on IT compliance and security challenges, it has evolved into all aspects of a business and increasingly becoming more prominent within the last decade due to the ever-advancing and complexity of cyber security threats. CISOaaS is the outsourcing of CISO and cyber security leadership responsibilities, also called virtual CISO, vCISO, CISO-on-demand, fractional CISO. Whether you are a small to medium sized organization or a corporate with a full-time CISO, CISOaaS can help you. Small to medium-sized businesses with resource or skill constraints that can benefit from the CISOaaS by having access to skilled/experienced security resources to address security compliance demands on a as-needed basis.

How WLC's CISOaaS can help you?

Access to expertise

Your business may not need a fulltime CISO but would still benefit from an injection of cyber security expertise. No permanent headcount allocation is needed, and a flexible solution is available. We have the ability to scale up with tiered scope and responsibilities depending on our client’s needs. 

Plan with confidence

Knowing your cyber security maturity and key risk allows you to build a business strategy from a position of strength. Our services provide an independent and objective stance on our clients’ cyber security risks and mitigation actions. 

Focus on what matters

Your business may have a fulltime CISO whose time is better spent focusing on particular elements of the CISO role. Complementary packages of elements of the CISO role liberate the CISO to automate repeatable tasks and focus on impactfully tailoring to the specific business context. We provide access to relevant, trusted, experienced, and skilled cybersecurity resources on an as-needed basis. This strategically elevates the visibility of cyber security at the clients’ board level. 

What services are covered by CISOaaS?

Find the right subscription tier for you. Flexible subscriptions are possible to cancel at any point in time, and you can always scale up or down, dependent on your needs. CISOaaS can be outsourced to either a specific individual or an organization with relevant competencies. The CISOaaS could be provided remotely or on a hybrid arrangement.


Targeted for SMEs, Startups or newly incorporated entities that:

  • have a small IT team
  • do not have a security function in place
  • require a jumpstart on core security functions
  • do security right the first time without the availability of in-house expertise or resource


Tailored for organizations that:

  • have an established IT team with a security function in place
  • intend to strengthen its security posture, ISO/IEC 27001 certification, NIST CSF, etc.


Customized for complex organizations that:

  • spans multi-regions, with group-business unit setups
  • have an established security organization and function in place
  • intend to strengthen its security posture, increase its security capabilities / technologies to keep up with the trends

Why choose White Label Consultancy?

  • Have a deep and thorough understanding of critical business operations within and with external partners
  • Acts as a strategic advisor to the top management and board members
  • Able to equate cyber security risks with its potential corresponding business, financial and reputation impact
  • Ensures clear and consistent communication between cyber security, IT, and other business functions
  • Tailors the cyber security strategy in alignment with the organisation’s risk appetite
  • Drives security initiatives to grow cyber security skills and resources and implement security solutions as per strategy
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