Cyber Security and
Data Protection

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Unparalleled experience

White Label offers Cyber Security and Data Protection consulting that enables data-driven business strategies through pragmatic advice.

The foundation of our services is our unparalleled operational experience in solving complicated security and data management challenges in large multinational organisations.

Our areas of expertise cover Pharma, Telecom, Adtech, Finance and Insurance.

White Label

Unleashing the value of data

White Label offers Cyber Security and Data Protection consulting that strengthens the way organisations protect, utilise and manage their valuable assets, such as personal data. White Label supports organisations effectively mitigating their cyber security and data risks while at the same time exploring opportunities with a solution-based focus. We can help improve corporate governance and risk management practices, operationalise cyber security and data protection, and build secure, responsible and ethical use of data into the culture of your organisation.

We have supported a number of large international organisations in designing and strengthening their data governance allowing them to pursue their digital ambitions in an effective manner. 

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Our Cyber Security and Data Protection Services


Strategic Cyber Security & Data Protection Advice

Cyber security and data protection at C-suite level delivered to you by experienced executives.

White Label DPO

Hire experienced Data Protection Officer or European Representative and demonstrate your privacy commitment.

White Label On Demand Privacy Support

Get immediate and flexible access to privacy professionals to help you
when you need it.

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Examples of Our Engagements

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Our Consulting Team

Our team consists of tech-savvy lawyers, security experts, data scientists, engineers and policymakers. We work with you to solve contemporary legal and compliance challenges to enable your organisation to embrace innovation with confidence.

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“The data protection game has fundamentally changed from mere compliance to a customer value driven focus.
Trust is the ticket to play...”