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Towards Innovation: The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in the EU


At White Label Consultancy, we acknowledge and embrace the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the numerous challenges it brings across diverse sectors.

As proponents of responsible innovation, we understand the importance of a regulatory approach capable of facilitating ongoing advancements in this field while protecting the interests of individuals. That is why we are proud to collaborate on AI4Gov, an EU-funded initiative focused on leveraging AI for evidence-based innovations while tackling pressing ethical issues like discrimination and biases in democratic societies.

In our efforts to raise awareness on this topic, we launched a blog series focusing on the regulatory and ethical dimensions of AI, with a particular emphasis on the European Union (EU) and global perspectives.

Over the course of four sessions, we will explore various discussion points, including:

  1. The evolution of AI regulation within the EU and its alignment with fundamental rights.
  2. A comparative analysis of global AI regulatory approaches, contrasting the EU’s rights-based perspective with the innovation-centric approaches of the United States, United Arab Emirates, and China.
  3. Exploring the impact of AI on gender discrimination and strategies for mitigating biases.
  4. Providing guidance on how to conduct Fundamental Rights Impact Assessments (FRIA) to evaluate the potential ethical and legal implications of AI technologies, emphasizing a comprehensive and systematic approach to ethical considerations and legal compliance.


Our first session, focusing on the evolution of AI regulation in the EU, is available here: AI4Gov Gender and Ethical Management

Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions as we continue to explore this topic.

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