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Data Protection Audit

A good data protection audit is not just about spotting the mistakes. it's about providing practical and organisation-specific recommendations to address them.

Your business partners, customers, or consumers will increasingly demand evidence that personal data held by your organisation is well looked after. An external Data Protection Audit can go a long way in maintaining trust of your key partners.  

Data Protection Audit // White Label Consultancy

Performing an external Data Protection Audit will benefit your company in a number of ways

  • A proof of the commitment of your organisation to data protection and the protection of the rights of individuals;
  • External and fully independent assurance of your policies and practices;
  • A comprehensive identification of data protection risks and practical, organisation specific recommendations to address them;
  • The sharing of knowledge with trained, experienced and certified professionals;
  • Opportunity to access WLC resources (templates, questionnaires, other materials).
Data Protection and Privacy // White Label Consultancy

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