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Data Protection

Processing Retrospective Data in Clinical Research

One of the most demanding challenges in clinical research is to establish a clear framework for the lawful and ethical use of retrospective data. Retrospective data represents a valuable source of information for research projects; however, it is typically collected for purposes unrelated to the research’s objectives. This gives rise to concerns such as the potential for unlawful repurposing of

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Governance Program

KSA Takes on Personal Data Protection

As Saudi Arabia introduces its Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), organizations based in the region should be aware of its data protection requirements, and those operating internationally must be able to comply with the diverse legal regimes.  Drawing from the principles of the GDPR, the PDPL shares many similarities. Yet, it brings its unique characteristics, affecting procedures, legal bases, and

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Data Protection Officer


The Data Protection Officer (DPO) role has become a global profession. Although the practice of appointing a DPO previously existed in several countries around the globe, recently, there have been major developments in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Organizations should evaluate whether these new requirements apply to them and whether they should appoint a DPO.   In this white paper, we explain

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Navigating the Risks of Large Language Models

White Label Navigating the Risks of Large Language Models The emergence of powerful Large Language Models (LLM) led businesses to consider the implementation of these technologies in their daily activities. LLMs have the potential to improve business productivity and efficiency, but they can also be an additional risk factor that should be evaluated to ensure compliance with legal obligations. At

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DPO White Paper

White Label The Role of the Data Protection Officer In this white paper we explain the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to executive-level decisionmakers and legal and compliance stakeholders who may not be particularly familiar with privacy as a subject, but who are increasingly confronted with questions about privacy, and tasked with ensuring compliance with new or evolving

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