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White Label

Navigating the Risks of Large Language Models

The emergence of powerful Large Language Models (LLM) led businesses to consider the implementation of these technologies in their daily activities. LLMs have the potential to improve business productivity and efficiency, but they can also be an additional risk factor that should be evaluated to ensure compliance with legal obligations.

At White Label Consultancy, we wrote a white paper, “Navigating the Risks of Large Language Models“, where we provide practical advice on how to use LLMs complying with privacy and data protection requirements. We also included a checklist with the most important points that organisations using LLMs in a business context should consider.

In the white paper, we discuss the following:

  • The concept and business uses of LLMs;
  • The risks associated with the use of LLMs for business purposes, in particular regarding personal data;
  • Safeguard measures that can be implemented to reduce those risks;
  • Compliance with the data protection framework and regulatory landscape.


Download the white paper: Navigating the Risks of Large Language Models