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Managing Security and Privacy Risks

As cyber security risks increase and new data protection requirements surface, navigating the privacy and security landscape has become ever more onerous and demanding.Even in organisations with well-established and mature enterprise risk management programs, keeping your risk picture updated and actually having your identified risks under control have become an arms-race. Below, I will share a few risk-reducing steps that

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The Conundrum of Handling the Challenge of Third-Party Digital Risk Management (Part 3)

SECURING THE RIGHT VENDORS IN THE CYBER SECURITY AND DATA PRIVACY DOMAINS Digitalization forcefully accelerates the adoption of platforms and devices that allow sensitive data to be shared with third parties, such as cloud service providers, data aggregators, application programming interfaces (APIs), and other technology-related intermediaries. In essence, this propagates the need to know and track vendors much more diligently,

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Governance Program

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Updates

ISO/IEC 27001 is widely known as the de facto information security standard that specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system.   The first version of ISO/IEC 27001 was published in 2005, which evolved from the BS 7799 standard. In the final months of the second iteration published in 2013, the updated version was

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Data Transfers

The Conundrum of Handling the Challenge of Third-Party Digital Risk Management (Part 2)

ADDRESSING THE CHALLENGE OF CONTINUALLY MITIGATING DIGITAL RISK Within the blog post series, “The Conundrum of Handling the Challenge of Third-Party Digital Risk Management”, this week we will visit the matter, “Addressing the Challenge of Continually Mitigating Digital Risk”, after addressing the different angels of the “Problem Statement” in the previous blog post within this series. Largely, we will address the

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The Conundrum of Handling the Challenge of Third-Party Digital Risk Management (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION Over the coming three weeks, White Label Consultancy will publish three blog posts on the topic of third-party digital risk management, taking the customer and organization perspectives, which will emanate in a white paper that will be shared in three weeks. This week’s blog post will be about the “Problem Statement” of digital risk management, highlighting starting points and

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Privacy Policy – why does it matter?

Nowadays there is often a lack of understanding of why and how privacy policy is important for any organization that processes personal data.  This blog post sheds light on the notion of the privacy policy, its importance, structure, and enforcement. Hopefully, after reading this blog you will be able to understand the reasons why privacy policy should be considered as

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The basics of data processing

This article explores the basics, giving you a ‘bitesize’ introduction to the concept of data processing.   

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comply with GDPR

Privacy basics: the long arm of the GDPR

We continue the series ‘Privacy basics’ with bite-sized articles on the core concepts of privacy and data protection. The purpose of this blog series is to make privacy as simple as possible by explaining some of the most important core concepts. With each new blog article, we introduce privacy elements with pragmatic examples that will help you better understand how

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Privacy basics: The relationship between controllers

This is the first post of the new series “Privacy basics”. As a privacy and data protection consultancy, we know the challenges of this field can be highly complex, but the first step to efficiently tackle them is to understand the core concepts.  The purpose of this blog series is to explain in a simple and engaging manner the most important privacy concepts. Stay tuned: we will continue to publish more bite size articles in due course.    “Am I a controller?”   How many times do we hear this question? As mentioned by our Partner

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Data Protection Compliance Risk

The Rise of Data Protection Compliance as a Risk – What Executives in the Middle East Need to Know

Introduction The risk of data protection compliance is on the rise in the Middle East. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) celebrated a 3rd birthday last week. Over the past year we have witnessed the global introduction of new or updated “GDPR-inspired” data protection regulations. Slightly different approaches by supervisory authorities inside the EU may be causing some challenges,

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