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The Data Protection Officer (DPO) role has become a global profession. Although the practice of appointing a DPO previously existed in several countries around the globe, recently, there have been major developments in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Organizations should evaluate whether these new requirements apply to them and whether they should appoint a DPO.   In this white paper, we explain

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Data Protection Officer or Chief Privacy Officer?

The rise of the Data Protection Officer In the final months of preparation for GDPR, Europe witnessed the proliferation of a new work function. All over Europe organisations were appointing data protection officers to ostensibly achieve compliance with the new regulation. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Organisations have now had the opportunity to work

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Can the DPO be involved in operational matters?

Last week, I had a long and interesting discussion with one of the leading Scandinavian data protection lawyers. We normally see eye to eye on most matters, so I was genuinely surprised to find myself disagreeing with his position on one of the most fundamental building blocks of data protection regulation, namely the position of the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

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