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Business Exposure Assessment

A business exposure assessment gives you a comprehensive overview of the threat landscape, including organizational and technical vulnerabilities.

Understanding your business security posture referencing standards such as ISO27001, NIST, and CIS enables you to identify strategic-level risks and recommended measures.

A business exposure assessment can involve the following activities: interviews and workshops, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, compromise assessments, open-source intelligence, threat modeling, crisis management exercises, incident simulations, document reviews, audits, and maturity assessments.


Why choose White Label Consultancy?

  • Extensive cybersecurity strategic, tactical, operational, and implementation experience in various industries and technology sectors
  • Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer
  • WLC’s proven methodology, leveraging best practice processes, templates, and guidelines for each phase of the certification journey
  • Balanced approach in certification compliance requirements versus relevant security controls tailored to your organization’s needs and priorities.
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